A More Comfortable Patient Experience Using Advanced Cardiac Imaging

Mey Abu Al Saud, senior specialty imaging technologist conducting a scan using the SPECT/CT.

By increasing the throughput of patients and reducing the need to rescan, the new SPECT/CT scanner is shortening the path to diagnosis and treatment for our patients.

The Johns Hopkins Aramco Health (JHAH) Radiology Department has a critical role in diagnosing and identifying disease and injury, as well as being part of preparation for surgery or treatment. A productive, high performing and responsive Radiology service means faster access to care for patients and supports elevated clinical outcomes. This is why we are proud to announce the addition of the latest SPECT/CT Imaging System to the JHAH Radiology Department.

SPECT/CT is Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography. It is an imaging technique that monitors the level of biological activity of organs. As such, SPECT/CT is used for the diagnosis of Ischemic heart disease.

The benefit that patients will feel is the reduced time spent immobilized in scanner, from 17 minutes to 7 minutes. The shorter scan time also reduces imaging errors caused by patients who may have difficulty keeping still for long periods of time. Additionally, the SPECT/CT Imaging System enables the administration of lower doses of radiation.