Al-Hasa Project Ribbon Cutting

July 19 - Amin Al-Nasser, Saudi Aramco president and CEO, conducted the ribbon cutting at the official inauguration ceremony for Al-Hasa Health Center, the second hospital of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH).

This event marked the official opening of the Al-Hasa Health Center (AHHC) following its ambitious 26,000 m² revitalization. The center incorporates the latest in health care design, technology and equipment, which will offer the residents of al-Hasa outstanding, comprehensive, patient-centered services.

“The impact of opening AHHC is remarkably positive and far-reaching, close to 50,000 Saudi Aramco employees and dependents will benefit. AHHC’s expanded services eliminate unnecessary travel and its driving risks to receive diagnostics, day surgery or specialist treatment at Dhahran. Furthermore, the provision of care close to home gives patients added comfort,” said Faisal Al-Hajji, Chief Operating Officer, JHAH.

“The strength of this project, in addition to compliance with Saudi Aramco’s engineering standards, is the successful incorporation of international clinical standards and evidence-based design necessitated by the specialized nature of health care. I feel privileged to have been a part of making this exceptional hospital.”

The newly refurbished medical facility now has an 80-bed capacity with spacious, patient rooms that elevate the patient and family experience and provide staff with a working environment that supports safe and productive practice. Primary Care offers quick access to care with 42 fully equipped physician exam/consultation rooms, as well as screening rooms and pediatric and adult immunization clinics. Primary Care provides comprehensive wellness programs including: nutrition counselling, cancer prevention, smoking cessation and osteoporosis prevention.

The pharmacy is integrated with advanced robotic technology and seated service cubicles that allow for private communication between the patient and the pharmacist. This enables the pharmacists to use their clinical knowledge and skills to help patients achieve their physician-directed health goals. The 24 hour Emergency Services has an urgent care fast track and Medical Emergency Response Center (MERC).

The 18 specialty services include the Women & Children’s Clinic, Dermatology, Cardiology, Neurology, Geriatric, Gastroenterology & Endoscopy, ENT, Anesthesia, Orthopedics, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Rehabilitation, Occupational Medicine and comprehensive Radiology services capable of advanced diagnostic modalities and the ability to perform interventional radiology for early detection of tumors.

Bringing the successful flagship programs established at JHAH to enhance care and operational effectiveness at AHHC has fast tracked the evolution of the hospital and will contribute positively to the local health care sector. This includes a Family Medicine Specialist residency where AHHC will receive 30% of the Family Medicine residents enrolled in the JHAH Saudi Commission for Health Specialties accredited residency program. This will contribute to the next generation of Saudi family medicine physicians; currently Saudi nationals meet only 5% of the demand for this key specialty. AHHC nurses will also benefit from the close academic ties with the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, including the kingdom’s first doctorate of nursing program. These activities are complemented by a raft of clinical enhancement programs that actively engage with the depth and breadth of clinical knowledge and expertise of Johns Hopkins Medicine—Saudi Aramco’s joint venture partner and one of the world’s leading academic health systems.

Al-Hasa Health Center Woman and Child Clinic

Beyond the clinical enhancements and expansion, patient and family experience at AHHC has been an area of steadfast focus in the refurbishment. Walkways bathed in natural light, children’s play areas located near pediatric services, and a central garden combine to create a relaxing, healing environment. Welcome Guides greet arriving patients and offer a personalized wayfinding service, and the multilingual Patient Relations team provides assistance with customer concerns.

During the inauguration ceremony, in an address to the Saudi Aramco president and CEO, Saudi Aramco and JHAH senior executives, Khalid Mulla, M.D., AHHC (Acting) medical director, commented that, “At the Al-Hasa Health Center, we strive to create an environment where patient needs and expectations are consistently met or exceeded.”

The provision of inpatient care at AHHC and the accompanying extension of services has been eagerly anticipated by the al-Hasa community. The hospital can accommodate up to 50,000 registered patients and close to a quarter of a million outpatient visits per year.

Attending the inauguration from Johns Hopkins Medicine International, Baltimore, U.S., Mohan Chellappa, M.D., executive vice president and president of Global ventures, commended the AHHC team on its unwavering commitment to the revitalization of this key facility in the Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare system.

“The Johns Hopkins name is not only present in the name of these facilities, but in its people, practices and expertise,” stated Daniele Rigamonti, M.D., CEO of JHAH. “Welcoming the increasing patient numbers truly represents the essence of the Al-Hasa Health Center Revitalization fulfilling its potential.”

Al-Hasa Health Center Woman and Child Clinic