Al-Hasa Project Ribbon Cutting

Muhammad M. Saggaf, JHAH Chairman of the Board and SR VP, Operations & Business Services, Saudi Aramco, cuts the ribbon during the soft opening for JHAH’s fully refurbished Al Hasa Health Center.

Al-Hasa Health Center Pharmacy

Al-Hasa Health Center offers state-of-the-art equipment to support the delivery of quality clinical care and excellent patient and family experience

JHAH Al-Hasa Health Center is now caring for patients in JHAH’s fully refurbished healthcare facility. The April 3 opening is inclusive of Primary Care, ancillary services and selected specialty clinics. The ambitious 26,000 m2 Al-Hasa Health Center Revitalization Project incorporates the latest in healthcare design, technology and equipment, to deliver comprehensive patient-centered services. This thoughtful and collaborative process has ensured that Al-Hasa Health Center is a safe, state-of-the-art community hospital that supports the delivery of quality clinical care and excellent patient and family experience.

Al-Hasa Health Center Pharmacy

Seated, service cubicles support better communications and consultation between the pharmacist and the patient

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