The Board of Managers bears responsibility for oversight and guidance of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, its long-term strategic direction and the sustainable achievement of the joint venture’s objectives.

The Board of Managers’ membership strongly reflects the two renowned parent organizations: Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Medicine. In addition to the presence of Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Medicine’s senior corporate executives and medical leaders, the Board also includes seasoned individuals from the business sector.

Muhammad Al-Saggaf (Chairman)
Senior VP, Operations and Business Services
Saudi Aramco
Paul Rothman, M.D.
Dean of Medical Faculty & Chief Executive Officer
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Motassim Al-Ma’ashouq
VP, Corporate Planning
Saudi Aramco
Ronald Peterson
President of JHH & JHHS & Exec. VP
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Yasser Mufti
Vice President, Strategy & Market Analysis
Saudi Aramco
Pamela Paulk
Johns Hopkins Medicine International
Huda Al-Ghoson
HR Executive Director
Saudi Aramco
Christopher Kersey, M.D.
Chairman of the Board
Johns Hopkins Medicine International
Emad Al-Dughaither
Managing Director
Saudi Petroleum Overseas Ltd.
Mohan Chellappa, M.D.
President, Global Ventures
Johns Hopkins Medicine International