Graduation of the Inaugural Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Doctorate of Nursing Practice Cohort

The body comes equipped with a wonderful protective mechanism known as the immune system. It defends you against bacteria and other foreign bodies; however, sometimes your immune system needs a bit of help. One of those times is when a person has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.

Research on the immune system has led to an innovative form of cancer treatment: Immunotherapy.
Immunotherapy involves treatment that boosts the natural defenses of the body. This treatment uses substances that are naturally produced in the body or created in a lab to improve or restore a patient’s immune system. Unfortunately, the process of obtaining these substances can be extremely expensive.

“We here at JHAH are fortunate to have management, both JHAH and Saudi Aramco, who put patients first,” said Dr. Samer Abushullaih, JHAH Medical Oncologist. “One example of that is a promising and expensive cancer immunotherapy called Nivolumab. Within two months of the U.S. Federal Drug Administration approval for use, we were offering it to our patients. And, it is producing positive outcomes with far fewer side effects than chemo and other therapies that can cause severe side effects.”