Graduation of the Inaugural Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Doctorate of Nursing Practice Cohort

Mohammad will achieve his dream to walk again, thanks to the JHAH podiatrist who was determined to save his leg.

Mohammad had reached a point of one last resort. Two other doctors had told him his right leg had to be amputated below the knee. He went to the JHAH Emergency Room in Dhahran. From there he was admitted into the hospital. “When I first saw Mohammad, his right foot and ankle had advanced gangrene and had become dislocated in the midfoot and ankle, yet due to diabetic neuropathy, he was in no pain,” said Dr. Samer Bondokji, JHAH podiatrist. “No doubt it was extremely serious; however, the patient agreed to a series of surgeries to try and save his leg.”

After three months of successive surgeries, including advanced external fixation, the patient’s leg was saved. The prognosis is that after further recovery, which includes wearing a Taylor Spatial Frame for joint fusion for two more months, the patient will be able to stand on his own leg and not a prosthetic. “I cannot put into words just how grateful I am to Dr. Bondokji, his team and all the people at JHAH,” said Mohammad al-Abbbad. “I will walk again.”