Life Changing Cardiac Surgery at JHAH

“Cardiac surgery has been proven to extend life expectancy over other forms of treatment. That is the reason that we do it,” said Dr. Harry Parissis, JHAH cardiac and thoracic surgeon and JHAH Cardiac Surgery Program head. Dr. Parissis just launched the new JHAH Cardiac Surgery Program, after spending more than a decade conducting more than 5,000 thoracic and cardiac surgeries in the UK. And his team is no less experienced.

On April 17, the program was launched with a coronary artery bypass, which over the next nine days was followed by six more bypasses and one valve replacement.

Life Changing Cardiac Surgery at JHAH

Smooth, Successful Surgeries

“All the surgeries went smoothly,” said Dr. Parissis “On schedule, the second patient was released six days post op, and the first, which was a more complex case, was released day seven. We are very pleased with all the outcomes. Going forward, we have the capacity to conduct 3-5 procedures per week.”

Partners in Excellence

Observing the inaugural surgeries were two surgeons from Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM), Dr. Kenton Zehr, Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Division of Cardiac Surgery, and Dr. Dan Berkowitz, Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Director Cardiac Anesthesia Division, the program is part of the Partners in Excellence program that combines the tradition of quality medical care provided by the Saudi Aramco Medical Services Organization (SAMSO) with the renowned educational and clinical strengths of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Years of Experience and Strong Team Effort

“I have started cardiac surgery programs in several countries,” said Dr. Zehr. “During the pre-op debriefing, the technical staff, pharmacy and all the surgical components were spot on and ready to go right out of the gate.”

“Usually with a new program, you avoid starting with complex cases,” said Dr. Parissis. “In our case, thanks to our partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine, we were confident we could tackle some challenging cases from the start.” said Dr. Parissis. “We are equally confident and are highly focused on building a robust, high quality program that will benefit JHAH patients for years to come.”

Surgery Program part of the JHAH Transformation

“This is another important step in the transformation of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare” said Dr. Daniele Rigamonti, JHAH CEO. “JHAH is launching similar programs that require a high level of utilization to maintain the highest quality of health care. To sustain them, such programs will need to expand beyond our historical patient base.”

JHAH’s mission remains to benefit Saudi Aramco’s employees and their dependents by offering highly sought after services while at the same time contributing to the success of Saudi Vision 2030.”