Helen Mosedie
A passion for making people feel loved and cared for when they are at their most vulnerable is what motivates me to be part of the team of healthcare providers at JHAH. Acknowledging each and every patient and provider as a unique and special part of our great family called humanity, keeps me grounded and intent on showing every individual that they are special and that their wellbeing is my only concern. Being a part of this organization offers me an opportunity to change peoples’ lives for the better, ensuring that their rights are valued and protected. I’m passionate about protecting patients’ rights and being a patient advocate. I enjoy working in this very diverse society where I can interact with many different people from various cultures, practicing the one thing that unites us all - ‘a love for one another'.
Helen Mosedie

Education & Training

  • Registered Nurse, Coronation Nursing College and Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa, 1986 - 1990
  • Intensive Care Nurse, Milpark Hospital and Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa, 1994
  • B.Sc. Health Studies, University of the West of Scotland, 2011 - 2014
  • Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management, 2014

Work History

  • Healthcare Risk Management, 2012- 2015, SAMSO
  • Quality Improvement in Healthcare, 2011-2012, SAMSO
  • Cardiology Intensive care Nurse, 2003- 2011, SAMSO
  • Cardiothoracic Surgical Intensive Care Nursing, 1994 - 2003 South Africa and Jeddah
  • General Surgical Nursing, 1990-1993, South Africa