How to Schedule An Appointment

You can schedule an appointment by:

Read more about same day appointments and our Walk in Clinic

Walk In Clinic

If you experience simple conditions like fever, sore throat, cough, back pain, or any acute issues that are not life threatening, and you don't have an appointment you can visit our Walk In Clinic. This clinic is not designed for regular follow ups or pediatrics routine immunization. During peak times the wait in the Walk In Clinic may be up to two hours.

After Hours Care

Emergency room services are available to patients who have medical conditions that cannot wait for regular clinic hours.

Cases are prioritized according to the screening assessment and during peak times the wait may be up to two hours.

Primary Care Treatment Room

The treatment room is a nurse lead service, where scheduled immunization, dressing of wounds and intravenous (IV) medication or fluids are administered.

Planning for Your Appointment

If this is your first visit, please bring any medications you are currently taking. If the patient is a child (under 18 years), bring their available medical reports and immunization records and make sure that they are accompanied by a guardian.

Primary Care Pharmacy

You can ask medication questions of your pharmacist in a semi-private setting while a robotic medication dispensing system delivers your medication.

Medication refill requests and Medication Management Clinic

Medication Refill

Request a refill for your medication prescription through:

  • The Centralized Contact Center (CCC)
  • Medication Management Clinic
  • MyChart – schedule and manage your medications online, from any location

Medication Management Clinic (MMC)

The Medication Management Clinic (MMC) is operational from 7:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. and can process:

  • Medication order extensions
  • Telephone requests for medication renewal

Patient Refferal to MMC

Patients will be referred to the MMC as follows:

  • Patients who visit the Primary Care Service for the purpose of medication/prescription renewal
  • Patients who visit the pharmacy for medication refills, however his/her prescription is expired or has no more refills and requires renewal

Patient Relations & Medical Liaison Office

Patient Relations assists registered patients with their health care-related concerns.

The Medical Liaison Office offers assistance with obtaining copies of patient information, records, blood group certificates and immunization certificates.

Contact Patient Relations and Medical Liaison Office

Patient Relations

  • PatientRelations@JHAH.com
  • Call the Centralized Contact Center (CCC), option six
  • Visit the Ras Tanura Primary Care Patient Relations' Office

Medical Liaison Office

  • MLO@JHAH.com
  • Call the Centralized Contact Center (CCC), option five
  • Visit the Ras Tanura Primary Care Medical Liaison Office

Amenities & Services

To give you a pleasant experience during your visit at JHAH in Ras Tanura, we offer amenities and services, such as the Primary Care Play Area.

Health Education / Nurse Clinic

Our Health Education / Nurse Clinic offers our patients education and guidance to support them in achieving their physician-directed health management goals.

Our Health Education Referral service is handled through referral by physician, care coordinators, nurses and pharmacists. Patients may self-refer by booking an appointment in the Primary Care Clinic main reception or by calling the Centralized Contact Center.

Access to Speciality Clinics

If your care need further specialized investigation or speciality clinics that are not available in Ras Tanura, you will be referred to JHAH Dhahran speciality clinics.

Nurse Care Line

The Nurse Care Line is a telephone service to answer questions about your health and offer advice.

  • Call the Nurse Care Line at 800-305-444, option 3
  • Staffed by Arabic and English speaking nurses
  • Open 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday through Thursday
The Nurse Care Line: What You Need to Know

Ras Tanura Primary Care Clinic

Clinic Opening Hours

Sun - Thu: 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Centralized Contact Center (CCC)

In Kingdom 800-305-4444
Out of Kingdom +966-13-877-3888

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