tips how to reduce hunger during Ramadan
1 Eat your Iftar at sunset time, as permitted.
2 Eat three meals during the evening (Iftar, some time during the night, Suhoor).
3 Delay your Suhoor to just before Fajir (as close to sunrise as permitted).
4 Eat more protein at Sahoor.
5 Eat slow-digesting food at Sahoor, such as cheese, labnah, yogurt, lentils, beans, oatmeal, peanut butter, dried fruits and lean meat.
6 Increase your fiber intake at Suhoor by eating whole wheat bread, legumes, salads, vegetables and dried fruit.
7 Reduce your intake of sweets (such as jello, jam, honey, pudding and sugary drinks)
8 Avoid food smells while you fast as they make you feel hungry.
9 Schedule your daily exercises for after you break your fast.