“Model the way,” said Gail Biba, Assistant Director of Nursing for Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM), “and results move at the speed of relationships” are two of the messages she wanted to ensure participants at the JHAH Advanced Leadership Symposium took away.

Held March 1-2, 2017, the symposium was designed to share the clinical leadership expertise of JHM to not only JHAH staff but to the nearly 100 Ministry of Health nurse leaders who attended as well.

Although the hall was large and the audience numbered nearly 300, the sessions were designed to be highly interactive. “This was the first time we had received presentations prior to a conference,” said Ali Saeed, Nursing Section Head, Critical Care, Royal Commission Hospital, Jubail. “That allowed us to come in prepared to participate in the interactive sessions and really apply the learning to our particular circumstances.”