Sutureless Eye Surgery

Going from only being able to count fingers from a maximum of three feet away in one eye to 20/40 vision in that same eye within one week of surgery with the prospect that with glasses to correct an astigmatism his vision will be 20/20, feels good to Saleh Saud Al-Rabou.

Recently Al-Raboua underwent the first sutureless scleral fixated intraocular lens (SFIOL) implant at JHAH and one of the few sutureless SFIOLs being performed in the region. “His vision was very poor due to the lens having been removed during a previous cataract surgery,” said Dr. Ashbala Khattak, JHAH consulting ophthalmologist. “Dr. Alaa Hatoum and I performed the first sutureless SFIOL to correct the problem.”

A sutureless SFIOL is a complex surgery that involves attaching the lens to the scleral, the white portion of the eye, using a special glue. Traditional SFIOL involves making a large incision and then suturing the lens in place. The benefits of the sutureless technique are better vision, long term stability and reduced recovery time.

“A week after the surgery, I went back for a follow up appointment,” said Al-Rabou. I was very happy. Now I can read again.”